1: Pre-K registration process will begin Feb 4 2019.  Visit DOE website for further information or call the school for more info.  

Queens Pointe Talent school code is 24QBDB.  Select 24QBDB as 1st choice for greater 

chance of seating.

We look forward to your child's first step towards a free, full-day, high quality Pre-K program!

01/30/19: Pre-K for September 2019. Your child born 2015 must be a current New York City resident to apply.  Registration will begin February 4th 2019 through March 15 2019





The NYCDOE uses the Classroom Assessment Scoring System and the Early Childhood Environmental Ratings Scale (ECERS-R) tools to understand the extent to which Pre-K for All programs are successful at reaching those high-quality standards that support student development and learning across all five domains of the New York State Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core (PKFCC). Both tools are grounded in research about the essential supports for promoting children’s achievement.


For further information, please visit NYC Department of Education.  

Queens Pointe Preschool code is 24QBDB  


Daycare & Pre-K students

Day Care school calendar holiday closing Click here

​        Pre-K school calendar holiday closing Click here*


* Holiday Service is available for Pre-K students when the school is open for Day Care.

Daycare students

Feb 5 Lunar New Year: Daycare closed

Feb 18 President's day:Daycare closed

Pre-K students

Feb 4 Professional development: Pre-K closed.  Holiday care available

Feb 5 Lunar New Year: Pre-K closed

Feb 18-22 Mid Winter Recess: Pre-K closed.  Holiday care available from Tuesday Feb 19 through 22 

90-02 Queens Blvd Floor 2
Elmhurst, NY 11373  

Extended day, Early drop off, Enrichment classes, and 2-3 year old daycare, ​please call the school at 718-803-2300 for information. 

2: Pre-K for All is free and we offer full day classes. Catered Breakfast and lunch are provided.  Your child must be a NYC resident to apply.

3: Meantime, feel free to call us at 718-803-2300 to schedule a school tour.  We are located opposite of Queens Center.  Private entrance at 59-17 Hoffman Drive.  Look for the Blue Awning. 

*Please excuse the temporary scaffolding surrounding the block*