Open to both non-native and native speakers, the benefits of learning a foreign language or supplementing home language is vital to your child's cognitive skills, sound recognition skills and brain development.

Literacy: In depth strategies to encourage emerging literacy using comprehensive approaches to reading, speaking, and writing.  Discussing details in pictures, talking about what might happen next, and how a story may relate to a child's real-life experiences.

Math: Using child-friendly curricula and materials, your child will learn meaningful math activities in the context of play that can foster crucial aspects of children's development, problem solving, and social skills.

Gifted & Talented (G&T) 

Soccer & Movement by

We have partnered with Suger Maple Athletics to have your little athlete discover soccer, movement, and other physical skills. 

Extremely fun and active, your child will have an opportunity to practice with their own ball, learn hand-eye coordination, dribbling, and passing. Teamwork is taught by passionate coaches who understands how to communicate with kids through the use of exercise, themes and games.  Your child will discover the fun of being physically active, attain more focus, find new confidence in their abilities, and will certainly work up a real sweat!

Mandarin Language

Literacy and Math 

Early Ballet

Design for every school age child to learn, your child will develop and improve artistic attainment.  Our art teach will introduce various methods and mediums, including color tones (season, warm and cool, single color, pictorial) graphical shapes (landscapes, cityscapes, transportation, animal) surfaces and texture (printing, stencil, stamps, mache). 

Creative Arts

Highly demanded, NYC DOE's Gifted and Talent (G&T) is a program providing exceptional elementary school students with rigorous, fast-tracked and specialized instruction.  Accepted students are grouped together in their own classroom environment and receive appropriate lesson plans that enriches/outpaces the general student population in major subject areas.    The lessons are encouraging and engaging to help your child improve cognitive skills, reasoning skills and problem-solving abilities.

Our dance teacher will bring forward music and movement to your child through ballet.  Fun and creative, your child will be exposed to gross motor skills, team coordination, word and music cue awareness with the help of ballet's basic positions and more.  The benefits of ballet dance can set the foundation for comfortable social skills, active exercise, discipline development and arts appreciation.

While English is the World's #1 language, Mandarin is the 2nd most popular language to learn.  Parents have recognize starting early in learning Mandarin language is an investment in their child's future. 

Our teacher will help your child establish Mandarin's four basic tones, pinyin word vocabulary, handwriting & character recognition, tonal drills and practice through music, fun and games.